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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

You want to earn money without creating a product or offering a service. Then there is the only way that is affiliate marketing. 

 How to start affiliate marketing, where to start, and how to start?”

In this affiliate marketing for beginners guide, you can simply understand where to start, and how to start, to reach your first $978 dollars per month with affiliate marketing.

Read the complete article, then if you face any problems, or any questions, regarding affiliate marketing,

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide 2022. This mini-article, helps beginners to start from scratch and to reach their first $978 dollars online with affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

affiliate commission rates

Simply affiliate marketing is Promoting products for someone else and earning a commission for that. Affiliate marketing is to market products that you don’t own. It’s for someone else and you will get paid when an action is done on the product or service.

I said “action” and not “sale“. What do I mean?  You will know later what I mean.

You are not required to sell a product to earn a commission. You can do something else like just making someone enter his email address or sign up only without paying anything and you will earn a commission. This is known as EPL affiliate marketing. EPL stands for Earn Per Lead.

That simple! So affiliate marketing simply is promoting products or services and earning money when an action happens on the product. 

Affiliate Marketing for beginners guide, here the main question is for the beginners- How to start? From where to start?

Let’s Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

affiliate marketing process

Affiliate marketing for beginners is based on three main things:-

  • Selecting the best product
  • Promoting the product
  • Earning Commission

Let’s start with selecting the best product part.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Selecting The Best Product

It’s very important to learn and understand how to choose the best product or service for affiliate marketing. If you select the best product or service then you earn more money in less time period.

For example, you’re promoting a service that cost $300 and your commission rate is 50%.

Let’s say you promoted this product and got 50 sales per month.

For single sale=300*(50/100)=$150 (You earn the commission per sale).

For 50 sales = $150*50= $7500 per month.

Let’s say if you doing paid promotion, the advertising cost takes $2000 per month. Then you earn $5500 per month.

Like this calculation per anum, you can earn $5500*12 = $66000 per year.

It’s really awesome. But in this case, you need to work every month, and you need to give effort for it. Yes or No!

Let’s see another calculation, for affiliate marketing for beginners.

Let’s say we selected a product with the same prize that is $300 and your commission rate is 30%.

The main difference is, that here the service provides recursive commission.

Let’s assume that you promoted the product and got 50 sales per month

For single sale=300*(30/100)=$90 (You earn the commission per sale).

For 50 sales = $90*50= $4500 per month.

Like this calculation per anum, you can earn $4500*12 = $54000 per year.

If your advertising cost is $2000 your total income is $52000 per year. But in this case, you work for a month and earn a commission for life long.

Which affiliate service do you promote, single commission or recursive commission?

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: I think, definitely you will choose recursive commission services, right?

It will give you a life-long commission, and that is known as passive income.

This is the best example to select an affiliate product or service. But I am not saying that go with the recursive product only, you can also promote single commission products.

Important For Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Step number two is simply choosing a product to promote for affiliate marketing as a beginner.

We have thousands of products available online, that you can promote as an affiliate marketer. You just need to pick one, or two, or maybe 10, and start promoting.

‘Promoting the affiliate product’.

Now you are thinking and what is step one, right?

Step one is skipped. I skipped it because simply ‘step one ‘ is in my opinion, the main important step in this process. Without step one, you can’t go into steps two and step three.

And it is the main problem of almost ninety percent of beginners in affiliate marketing. They skip step one and they fail. So what is step one?

Before I know about ‘step one, you won’t know how to pick products as an affiliate marketing beginner. Then you will get the idea behind step one and why it’s so important? What websites you can start with, to promote affiliate products.

Some of the affiliate network sites are listed below.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Single Commission Affiliate Programs

Not only these, but we also have a lot of other networks. These are the popular websites that you need to start with. 

So this is how you pick a product. You go to an affiliate network and you will find a lot of products to start promoting.

If you want to be successful you must read this article carefully. Please train yourself to read articles. Because it will improve your concentration. 

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Recursive Commission Affiliate Programs


It’s an email marketing company, providing email marketing services. It provides two affiliate programs. You can earn up to 100 dollars if you refer to one sale.

It’s a very good choice for every beginner. Also, you can get a 33% recurring commission, every single month, whenever you refer someone to GetResponse.


It’s a company that provides sales funnel services to build funnels and sell your products and so on. It pays you up to 40% monthly recurring commission whenever you refer a sale to click funnels. 


 As an example Sendinblue, it’s also an email marketing company. It has a lot of affiliate programs. This pays you 5 euros only for signing up.

So if you refer someone and only sign up to Sendinblue, you will earn 5 euros.

Their lots of affiliate networks are there, you can get these links here, where you will get a lot of products, and a lot of services, that you can start with.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: How to Start?

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to start online by creating a blog, a website, and a presence. What is meant by presence?

 Maybe you can start a youtube channel, maybe you can build an email list, maybe you can have an Instagram account with a lot of followers, and build social media profiles. You must have something online.

Because a lot of services, especially today, and in the future, everyone will request approval.

But affiliate providers don’t want spammers or anyone to promote their products. They have their reputation. They want only trusted advertisers to promote their products. 

So to be trusted online, you simply need to have at least a website, a blog is really very important. 

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Free Blog

If you don’t have money to start a professional blog. Then you can use some free platforms like 


So the first step is to create a blog, a place where you can post content. Maybe you prefer videos you can create a youtube channel.

Maybe you prefer social posts, you can go to the Facebook page or an Instagram profile, whatever you want but you need to establish a presence.

 If you giving value to your visitors then anyone can accept your request. If you don’t have more visitors, or you’re not giving any value to your visitors. Then deny your blog.

So step one is creating a blog and providing valuable content to people. And also getting some traffic.

You can create content every day and article in like one or two hours. If you want to be successful, you must work hard. So you can post like 10 or 15 articles in two weeks and then start getting traffic to the blog.

How to get traffic?

Creating a blog is not very hard, but driving traffic to your blog and getting traffic is a little bit difficult. But if read our affiliate marketing traffic strategy, you can earn a lot.

Now after you create a blog, or even before you create the blog you have to think about something really very important, which is the niche you want to select or the affiliate marketing products that you want to choose. 

TechyTechs is about online business and digital marketing. So the products or services that I promote are GetResponse or Sendinblue.

I also promote Semrush which is an SEO company. I promote digital ocean, which is a hosting service. Also, we are promoting contact, which is a web hosting company.

 So my topic, my niche is a digital marketing and online business. So my blog, my content, is all about email marketing, digital marketing, and related stuff, which I can promote from my content. 

So it’s very important also to choose firstly what products, what niche you want to start with. This is very important because you will need to create content about this product. 

You can promote affiliate products on amazon which are ebooks or maybe physical books. There is a complete article about amazon affiliate marketing in our website, i.e How to Start Free Affiliate Marketing in Amazon 2022?

So you need to choose the affiliate marketing product niche before you create content and create your blog. So this is how affiliate marketing in general works.

Step one establish a presence. 

Step two pick a product. You have a lot of products.

And at last, we need to promote the products. And this is where the main, no problem, the main idea in affiliate marketing. It’s about promoting, it’s about marketing. 

How to Promote affiliate products?

Promoting an affiliate product is very simple if you concentrate on that. There is a complete article available that is how to get free traffic to your affiliate products and earn $978 dollars per month.  already created a lot of videos about

There are many ways to promote your product, you can promote with a paid advertisement or you can promote for absolutely free. 

Now the main question is how you can reach the $978 per month?

With a simple calculation, If you join, as a Sendinblue affiliate program, you only got sign-ups. 

It’s only 200 sign-ups to reach 1 000 euros per month. So it’s really so simple. 

What’s a recurring commission?

Simply when you promote a product, you can promote recurring commission products and single commission products. The single commission simply when someone buys a product you earn a commission that’s simple. 

But recurring commission products you will earn every month for the customer. It’s very important.

Clickfunnels cost around 100 dollars per month for the basic subscription. So if you got one sale you’ll earn $40 dollars per month.

So how much do you need, how many customers do you need? You need only 20 or 25 customers to reach $978 dollars on click funnels. (Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Income)

 Look! the numbers are too small, 20 subscribers or 200 sign-ups, very small numbers. You can reach $978 dollars per month.

Just work hard and have some patience and you will see results. And also if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below.

This is the complete guide to Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

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