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Are you a blogger and struggling to drive traffic to your website? Today your going to learn “how to get free traffic to your website?”.

Driving traffic to your website is difficult to work if you don’t know the strategy! But don’t worry today we will show you the traffic bomber. 

If your running a blog website, then content writing is very important for that. Without content, you never ever get traffic from any source. 

There are so many ways to get traffic like organic traffic, social media traffic, email marketing, paid traffic, and others. But today I introduce how to get traffic from the top 5 websites.

These 5 websites will boost your website traffic. But only if you follow the tricks, which I explained below and which is a traffic bomber method.

How to get free traffic from 5 websites?

Get free traffic to your website, and into your blog in a very short time. You will need to work only 20 to 30 minutes a day, for only 10 days consistently.

Then you will get unlimited traffic to your website. Don’t think it is hard work because driving traffic to your website is not a simple thing.

You have to work smart rather than work hard then only you get free traffic to your website.

What is Traffic Bomber Method?

traffic bomber

This is a website or blog traffic method by which you will get unlimited traffic to your website or blog. What you have to do is just copy and paste your content on different websites.

There are so many websites, that are getting millions of visitors in a month. Whatever post you wrote on your website just copy and paste that on these websites. 

From these websites, you get free traffic to your website and also lots of new users.

Below are the top 5 websites to boost your website traffic. Read the strategies and tricks, then drive unlimited free traffic to your website for 100% free.

How to get Free Traffic From Linkedin?

free linkedin traffic

Nowadays Linkedin is one of the best social media platforms or social networks that will help you grow your business and get traffic.

If you don’t have an account on Linkedin then create one today. 

If you have an account on LinkedIn then congrats, you are going to get free traffic to your website with it.

Simply log in to your account,  inside your account go and click on ‘write article‘ and simply copy and paste the article into your LinkedIn profile.

 Copy and pasting will take less than one minute then publish your article on your LinkedIn profile.

Don’t think how will you get free traffic from here? Because there are millions of users using this platform and this will also work like a search engine. 

How to get Free Traffic From Quora?

free quora traffic

 Maybe most of you know what is Quora. If you don’t know, simply Quora is a QnA website, which means a question and answers website.

Where people can ask questions and anyone can give answers for that. 

But using quora also you get lots of free traffic and free users to your sites. That is simply go and answer questions and link back to your blog or website.

Maybe all of you know this, but today I am going to explain another thing which is the very easiest way to drive free traffic to your website.

First of all, if you don’t have an account on Quora then create a Quora account today. 

Log in to your quora account, and go to your profile. Then there you will get an option like space.  And then you can create a space on quora.

What is a space in Quora?

Quora space techytechs

Quora is providing a space option. By creating a space in Quora you get a subdomain there.

You can create a space for a particular topic. Where you can add any questions and answers to drive free traffic to your website.

It’s like a small website(subdomain), a small group, a small space for you inside quora.

Now what you are going to do is create an account on Quora. Sign up and click on “create a space“. Name it whatever you want related to your topic.

Make your space attractive by adding images, a logo, and well description of the space.

You can post your own articles there and get unlimited website traffic. Simply copy and paste your articles on quora space.

Again and again, saying please be patience.

How to get unlimited traffic from is a content writing website. Where you can create a free website to write articles.

The medium allows you to post your articles.

This is also used for affiliate marketing. If you don’t have a website, you don’t have money to start affiliate marketing, you can use as your own website. 

Here you can post articles and promote your affiliate links to earn money. But how to do that, I am explaining here.

There is a complete guide article about Affiliate marketing on our website. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, then read it.

medium website traffic

Create an account in Medium, then click on write a story and do the same i.e copy the article from your website, paste that on the content filed, then give an attractive title for that content. Or you can give the original title of your content/blog.

After completion of the blog publish it on 

How to Get Unlimited Traffic To Your Website For Free

Now you have done, everything, as I said. But here is the main question, how do you get traffic to your site? How this was related to getting traffic to your own website?

Two main reasons are there for introducing these websites. That is explained below.,, and have a very high rank on google. So your article may also rank on google through these websites, instead of your own blog/website rank.

Another main reason is, that if someone is searching on LinkedIn for a topic related to your content, he/she may find your article.

If someone is searching on Quora related to your topic, he/she may find your article. If someone is searching on medium with your topic, he/she may find your article. 

Now may you still have a doubt? That is, You did everything which I explained, but how to get traffic to your website from it?

  You may get traffic into medium, quora, and LinkedIn. But how can I get that traffic back into my website?

That is simply you have to create internal links to the article, which are published on LinkedIn, medium, and quora. 

So anyone reading the article on these websites can simply link back or can simply go into your own blog or website.

And this is how you can get free traffic from these websites to your website. So this is the main benefit here, is to get free organic traffic into your articles and link back to your site.

By doing these every day on that websites, you will get users reading about your content, your services, and your business, which means you are doing simply brand awareness.

You are simply letting people know about you and your website, and explaining your business.

So they will go and visit your website if they like your content. And here it comes one important point is to publish real-valued content. 

That means it may be a small paragraph but it will be of real value for the users. So for this, these are the main three websites which are,, and

So go now, it will take you less than 10 minutes to publish the same articles on the blog on these websites to get free traffic.

Now I will show you another two websites which are also helpful to get free traffic from these websites.

How to get free traffic from provides a free website for everyone. To create a website related to your website for driving traffic.

Mix gets around 1.5 million visits every month, which is also very good. Another main thing is here you mostly get US traffic. 

That means if you get US traffic to your site, then your website rank will boost in the search engine.

So to get traffic from these websites to your websites, do the same work i.e just copy and paste the contents from your website.

This is one of the best websites to get unlimited organic traffic to your website.

How to get unlimited traffic from

Pinterest free us traffic

Maybe all of you know about Pinterest.  But Pinterest is really very powerful in terms of traffic.

Because if we compare it to youtube there may be lots of followers to you but you get low views. But here it’s completed revers.

There may be you have low followers but you have high views. High views mean high traffic. 

That is simply because some people use it as a search engine. It is not like Facebook and other social platforms. Because here you get lots of traffic as compared to the other social media websites. 

On Pinterest, people search to find things they are interested in. Here a maximum of the content is in the form of images.

To create free best attractive images with high quality to get free traffic to your site. 

Ho to do this? That is so simple. Go to and create a free account there. After successful registration, you will get an option like creating a pin.

Then give the title of your post, add an attractive image and write a small program about the topic. It must be a small paragram but need to be an attractive sentence. 

Then at the below past your site URL, from that only you can get free traffic from Pinterest. 

As I say I never ever disappoint you, don’t think about the image. Ie how to create an attractive image for Pinterest?

The best way to create an image for Pinterest is to use Canva is the best best online application to create high-quality images, Videos, Ebooks, and so on.

Most of the images which are used on our website are created with canvas only. So I recommend you create a canvas account for free. And make attractive images for Pinterest.

How to use Canva for Pinterest?

canva thumbnail maker

Simply click here to go to the Canva website. Then signup with our Gmail or email.

Then search for the Pinterest pin on the search field. Select the Pinterest pin option. Because it will get the best-required size for the Pinterest pin. 

There you will get lots of templates for Pinterest, but some of these are paid templates, you can also use that if you have a premium subscription to Pinterest.

If you don’t have a premium subscription use the free templates.

Then the temple editing is depending on you, and how you make that attractive to get free traffic to your website.

This is all about the traffic secrets to get high traffic to your own website. Please be patience to get free traffic.

Another bonus website is here for you, which is

How to get unlimited traffic from

slidershare unlimited traffic

This is also a website like social media. Slideshare allows you to create and publish small slides or small ebooks there.

All you have to do here is, post a small size article. Otherwise, again go to and create a small free ebook there. 

Then download the ebook, and upload it on Slideshare. 

Don’t think about the ebook, make an ebook with the content which you’re publishing on your website. 

Please do at least 10 days to every website, and use it every day. If you don’t work it, then how can you get profit. 

If you have any doubt, you can ask with a comment below or you can use our forum section.

You can also post your article on our forums section, here also you can get free traffic. This is totally free and you get high-quality backlinks from our website.

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