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Start affiliate marketing in amazon. Amazon affiliate is also known as amazon associate. This can be a very easy method to monetize your blog to earn money. By starting affiliate marketing in amazon you can earn a lot. It’s also very easy to make money using amazon affiliate marketing. Simply sign up to amazon affiliate marketing to get an associate account. Then share the links or just paste them on your blog website. When someone clicks on your links and makes a purchase then you will get a commission for that.

This sounds good, but if you are a beginner you need to follow some basic rules. This article will provide a to z complete details of affiliate marketing in amazon. Below, you will get a few steps to become a king/queen in the amazon affiliate program.

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What you’re going to learn today?

  • What is affiliate marketing in amazon?
  • How does affiliate marketing in Amazon work?
  • How to create an account in Amazon associative?
  • How to select high commission paying products?
  • How to create a successful Amazon affiliate website?
  • How to create a blog with a niche?
  • How to get traffic to your site?
  • How do get more sales?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing in amazon

Now we will learn each and everything step by step. Before going to the topic, remember one thing. Read the complete article without missing any point.

So let’s get started……

What is affiliate marketing in amazon?

Amazon affiliate marketing or amazon associate is an affiliate marketing system to earn money.
It’s free for everyone to become an amazon affiliate or Amazon Associate. They will advertise the amazon products on their blogs or anywhere by creating unique links on amazon. When someone clicks the unique amazon link and buys any product then you will get a certain commission. This is all about affiliate marketing in amazon.

How does affiliate marketing in amazon work?

In the Amazon affiliate program account, associates get a unique link for every product. When you promote the links or drive traffic through the link you earn a commission. This is all about amazon associate work.affiliate marketing process

Step #1: The blog owner creates an account on the amazon associate program.

Step #2: Amazon gives a unique store ID or associate id or you can say associate ID.

Step #3:  Once the affiliate programmer is approved by Amazon, then you can start promoting.

Step #4: Paste the links on your blog post or any other place on your site.

Step #5: Once someone clicks on the links and purchases a product then you will get a commission.

These are the basic steps.


Amazon uses cookies. So whenever a customer clicks on your product link but purchases another product then also you get the commission. The commission which your paid will come from the purchased product not from the original product. But the purchase must be held within 24 hours of the time period.

How to create affiliate marketing in Amazon account?

This is very easy to create an amazon associate account. Follow the below procedure to get an amazon associate account.

1. Sign up for an Amazon associate account.

Before going to start the amazon affiliate program India, we need to create an amazon affiliate program account.

Make sure that create your associate account in not in any other domain like . Because you create the affiliate account in then you will get customers from worldwide. Maybe you are an Indian but need traffic from worldwide that’s why create the associate account on

Amazon affiliate program sign up looks like the below image.

amazon affiliate signup

If you have an amazon account previously then go to the amazon affiliate marketing login page. Sign in with your amazon email/mobile number with the password.

2 Get your unique store ID

After completion of the sign-up procedure, you will get a unique store id.

This will look like username-50.

By using this store id you can make any product’s affiliate link without signing in to your affiliate account.


Product link –

Make it as an affiliate link by adding your store id

3. Get amazon assets for promotion

You will get free amazon assets means banners for promotion. Copy any of the HTML banner code then paste it to your website.

How to earn money from affiliate marketing in amazon?

   There are so many ways to earn money using affiliate marketing in Amazon. But in this article, we will discuss the most popular way i.e blogging.affiliate marketing process

How to create a successful Amazon Affiliate website

Everyone has different ideas for success. Similarly in blogging also different people have different ideas for success.  But if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer in amazon or a successful blogger then you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Find a valuable niche for your website
  2. Create a website for affiliate marketing
  3. Create unique valuable content for SEO 
  4. Drive traffic to your blog Using Search Engine Optimisation and by advertising on social media 
  5. Get Clicks on your affiliate links 

Find a valuable niche for your website

   Before going to find a good niche we need to know what is a niche? Niche means you need to create your blog in particular content and you need to sell the products of the content.

For example, if you have a mobile review blog then you need to sell or you need to place the affiliate links of mobile phones. Here your niche is mobile because on your site your only write blogs about mobile phones.affiliate commission rates

But if you have a cooking-related blog and you place the affiliate links of mobile phones then there is no chance to get Clicks on that links. 

So find a niche in your interest for affiliate marketing in Amazon.

Simply niche is a particular topic with your complete blog works on the topic.  so find a valuable niche for your blog or website.

Before choosing your niche first see the affiliate marketing in amazon commission rates vary by the product category.

For more details, you can visit the official Amazon website.

If your niche belongs to the 0% category then there is no value to creating a blog on that niche. So find a high commissionable Niche.

Choose a product for affiliate marketing on Amazon

In general, you can able to make money with expensive products.

For example: If a customer buys a ₨ 300000 rupees laptop, your commission is 2.5% i.e 7500. This is higher than selling a RAM for 10000 rupees with a commission 250Rs.

   Maximum peoples are interested to buy a high future product with low cost. So place the amazon affiliate marketing links of that products. This will give you more sales and makes engage with the user or customer.

   A higher product price will give fewer clicks and a lower product price will return a low commission price. So choose a product of medium price neither very high nor very less. This will give you more clicks and more commission.

How to create a website for Affiliate Marketing in Amazon

To do affiliate marketing you need a blogger website. There are two ways to create a website.

  1. Paid website
  2. Free website

In this article, we will learn How to create a free blogger website using google Blogspot?

Create a Free Website Using Blogspot

   Google provides a free option to create blogs on Blogspot. Anyone can get a free subdomain with Blogspot. To create a Blogspot subdomain you must have a Gmail account.

Step 1: Go to google Blogspot

blogspot blogger

Go to then click on create your blog. You will redirect to another page.

Step 2: Sign in with your Gmail account. 

If you have a single Gmail account login to your browser then it will directly redirect to the site title page.  Otherwise, it says a choose Gmail accounts from multiple accounts. Select your Gmail account and then you will redirect to the site title page.

Step 3: In the next step, it says to give a name to your site, enter your website name and then click Next.

blogger title
Choose the best attractive title for your blog

Step 4: Select a domain name of your site and then next.

After giving your site title it will redirect to another page or popup. Here it says to enter the address of your website. Then click on save.

choose blogger domain name

Step 5: Boom your blogger site was created.

Step 6: Choose the best responsive theme for your website.

Create unique Valuable Content for SEO 

   First of all, we need to know what is SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is used to drive organic traffic to your blog. 

So write a unique article, with keyword research then you will get free organic traffic from SEO(Search Engine Optimization). 

Writing unique articles with keyword research is one of the most popular ways to drive customers to your site.

Get Traffic to Affiliate marketing in Amazon

In the above para, we discussed search engine optimization. Except that there are two other ways to get traffic to your website

  1. Social media
  2. Paid ads

Social Media Traffic to Affiliate marketing in amazon

Using social media to drive traffic to your blog is one of the easiest methods for everyone. Share your website links on social media sites and drive traffic to your trafic to affiliate marketing

Different social media sites to get free traffic.

  1. Quora
  2. Pinterest
  3. Youtube
  4. Facebook and other

These social media networks are helps to get more traffic and make more sales from the amazon affiliate program.

Get Traffic to Affiliate marketing in amazon Using Paid ads

Paid ads is a professional method to drive traffic to your site. You can advertise your blog using paid ads. That means running a paid campaign using some keyword. 


If you’re a beginner I recommend you to drive traffic using the organic method and from social media sites. 

How to get clicks on your affiliate links?

    Driving traffic is not a big thing. We need to know how to get clicks to affiliate marketing in amazon links. To get clicks to links you need to remember the below most important tips.

->Use positive keywords to describe a product

->Write pros and cons of the products

->Give your opinion as a review

->Write some other customer’s review

   It will give interest to the user towards the products, as a result, you get a commission from the product.

Advantages of affiliate market in Amazon

  • It’s easy to start affiliate marketing in Amazon
  • Amazon is the most popular website so everyone trusts the Amazon product.
  • There are more than 3.5 billion products available for sale on Amazon.

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing in Amazon

Amazon provides low Commission on some particular categories. Amazon Associate Program has a Commission rate is 10% and that is for beauty-related products.

Amazon terms and conditions change frequently so users should not be updated with you.


What is niche for affiliate marketing

What is niche for affiliate marketing

Niche means you need to select a particular topic for your website. Whatever article you write, everything must be related to that niche only. For example- If your niche is Mobile, then you must need to write blogs about mobile-only. This will help to rank your website on google to get free organic traffic.

Can I earn at Amazon by affiliate marketing?

affiliate commission rates

Yes, anyone can earn from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the one and only easiest method to earn money. So without wasting your time start affiliate marketing in Amazon today.

What is Amazon affiliate commission rate?

What is Amazon affiliate commission rate

Affiliate marketing in amazon commission rates varies by the product category. Kitchen Appliances- 9%, Grocery items – 8%, garden and sports team 6% similarly it was different for different items.

Affiliate marketing what is?

free trafic to affiliate marketing

Referring a person to buy a product or service from a website, then you will earn a certain amount of commission i.e known as affiliate marketing. The commission will depend upon the products which you promote.

How to Earn Money from Amazon?

affiliate marketing process

This is very simple to earn money from amazon. Just go and create an amazon affiliate account then promote the products. If someone purchases the product by clicking your affiliate link then you will get paid by amazon.

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